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Student Success

"El Paso students are among the most adventurous in the state."

- Former UT President Dr. Larry Faulkner
Student Send Off, July 24, 2003

El Paso Texas Exes is committed to student success at UT Austin. We aim to help the college retention and graduation rates of our El Paso students and assist in the process of transition to UT Austin. This section of our Web site will lead you to how the University will work with you through any personal or academic challenges that may arise along with all your achievements.

Financial Aid

Living on campus

Calendar Long Session 2007-2008

New Student Services - Office of the Dean of Students

You've been admitted to UT Austin, now what?

Orientation Sessions

Become better acquainted with University life, register for classes, take placement tests, get to know your fellow classmates, meet with a representative from your college/school, find ways you can get plugged in, have fun, and just generally answer all your questions about UT Austin!

Bevo Bulletin

Find out how to maximize your life at UT Austin. In an effort to answer some of your questions concerning the university and college life, the New Student Services area of the Office of the Dean of Students has developed the Bevo Bulletin. It introduces aspects of the university in which students and families are often interested. Take advantage of the opportunities and advice offered in this Bulletin to assist with your transition to The University of Texas at Austin.

Texas Parents' Association

The University embraces parents and families as essential and important components of the UT community. The Parents' Association of The University of Texas at Austin supports the needs of students and their parents. Parents stay informed and create positive ways to be involved with the University by sponsoring such activities as Family Weekend and Family Orientation.

Student Emergency Services

The Coordinator of Student Emergency Services in the Office of the Dean of Students works with campus and community organizations to provide a number of services to assist students and, in some cases, their families and friends during an emergency or crisis situation. These services may include provision of limited emergency funds, assistance with academic issues, outreach and advocacy for students, and coordination with other relevant UT offices.

Student Activities and Leadership Development

With over 900 registered student organizations at UT Austin, it is easy to find one that is right for you.

Student Organizations

Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence - Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Gateway Scholars

The Gateway Program was created to maximize the academic success and social connections of new first generation and underrepresented students at UT Austin. Gateway Scholars has expanded to include UTransition, a learning community for first generation and underrepresented transfer students, the Achieving College Excellence (ACE) Program, a service for students who seek additional academic assistance, and the Welcome Program, a diversity education program for incoming first-year students.

What does Gateway offer?

  • Smaller class sizes in many math and science courses
  • Coursework in critical thinking and college life skills
  • Professional academic advising
  • Individual counseling
  • Peer advising
  • Registration assistance and priority registration
  • Tutoring
  • Social, cultural, and recreational activities

Welcome Program

The Welcome Program was formed with the goal of improving college life for University of Texas students from diverse backgrounds. This goal continues today through a variety of academic and social support services offered in both fall and spring semesters. Prior to the beginning of the fall semester, "Welcome Week" activities are kicked off with a series of programs designed to inform, educate, entertain and connect incoming students with successful African American, Asian American, Latino/Latina/Hispanic, and Native American students. The relationship may help make the first year student's experience more enjoyable academically and personally.

Why Should I Participate in the Welcome Program?

  • To gain knowledge of a variety of campus opportunities
  • To receive guidance in setting educational goals
  • To acquire skills necessary to succeed at UT-Austin
  • To take advantage of FREE tutoring
  • To enjoy the privilege of attending student leadership conferences for FREE

Achieving College Excellence (ACE) Program

ACE is an academic support program for students requiring additional assistance to meet their educational goals. ACE provides academic support through tutorial services, academic workshops peer advising and graduate school preparation. The ACE Program staff is committed to guiding students to the campus resources that meet their needs and to encouraging students to reach their highest potential.

Longhorn Link Program

The Longhorn Link Program - Student Support Services - is a program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post secondary education. The goal of the Longhorn Link Program is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and facilitate the process of transition from one level of higher education to the next. The Longhorn Link Program provides students with learning support, leadership development, and enrichment opportunities to ensure academic excellence and graduation.

First-Year Interest Group

Find Yourself. As a learning community, the FIG program will direct first-year students to the vast opportunities and resources available at The University of Texas at Austin. With their peer mentors and professional facilitators, students will share experiences and perspectives of living and learning in the UT community.

Other Resources for Success:

UT Learning Center - Tutoring, academic counseling, supplemental instruction, study groups, and learning resources

Undergraduate Writing Center - Individual, professional advice on all aspects of writing for UT undergraduates

ESL Services - English as a second language

Texas Success Initiative - Program designed to improve student success in college through an assessment to diagnose students’ basic skills in reading, mathematics, and writing, and developmental instruction, to strengthen academic skills that need improvement